Creating records via POST requests leaving createdBy field empty in-app



Just noticed that when I create records via the API (via POST request), the createdBy field shows as blank in the Ninox app. On closer inspection, using a GET request to inspect the newly created record, I notice the createdBy field is "admin". 


I would have assumed our unique access token would have filled the user name automatically. 


I attempted a POST request with createdBy : {user code} in the headers, with the user code found through a GET request of a record that does show my user name in-app. But that doesn't work :P, it's still admin. 


Any way to override this? Showing which user creates a record has an application for some of the analytics functions I've built. It seems very clunky if the advice is to create a new Text Field or Choice Field to get this functionality as it requires (unnecessary) maintenance as users come and go. 






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