Popup related record

What is the script to open the related record in another table ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    If you have created a relationship using the data model.. You should see it on the form.. and just click it.. :) 

    If you want to do it via a script, then look here



    search for 

    openRecord(recordId) - opens the record and jumps to the related table
    |  openRecord(record(Invoices, 1))

    popupRecord(recordId) - opens the record in a popup form without switching to another table
    |  popupRecord(record(Invoices, 1))

    openTable(tableName, viewName) - opens a table view
    |  openTable("Invoices", "All Invoices")

  • @Mconneen

    Thanks for your help but it does not solve the question. I have already checked in the manual and I am still stuck.

    I'm using the popuprecord, no problem for this. I'm using the right link to the right table, no problem for this. 

    The thing I do not understand is the way to get the related information. What is the script for it ?

    Thanks a lot for the help. 

  • No answer? What Kind of support is this??

  • Hi Jan.


    It's a forum, not support. I like to think that, between us we all provide professional, detailed answers as best we can to all who come here from the simplest of queries to some more challenging ones. We are all giving up our time freely to do this.


    Regards John

  • What john says.

    Also, by the date of the post, there have probably been program updates and a solution may well exist. If you can give a little more information about your problem or even better with screenshots, we may be able to solve it or even post an example....


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