Why can I move certain tables around but others seem frozen in place?

I am trying to organize my tables specific to their titles.  When I hit the administration button the option to grab the tables and move them appears but when I try to move certain tables around, it lets me grab and try to move them but as soon as I release they go back to their original spot.  Any ideas why this is happening and what can I do to have full control to move all the tables where I want them?  Thanks

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    • Mel_Charles
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Its a quirk of Ninox

    They are supposed to be fixing this!

    • Cloudberrycare
    • Per_Martensson
    • 3 yrs ago
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    When???  I really need to place the fields where I want!

    • Mel_Charles
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Not sure if you are on an App version or cloud. (but if app make sure you are on latest version) and click and move of fields is slighly better!

    However just to be clear you are trying to move data fields or controls - not tables! - Field and controls sit on your form (the form is a view of the underlying data table)

    Ninox is qerky when it comes to clicking and holding a dragging forms into now positions.

    So the issue is you drag the file - let go and it springs back to the original place!.

    try dragging it and then moving it slightly left/righ on the line that you want then whne you seed the shadow drop it then.

    from this point you shoeld be able to then move it on the same line.


    Another way is to go tin EDIT fields - find the filed in the left hand list that you want to move and drag it up or down the list so thet it is in the place you wnat it to show

    (it will make sense when you do it) Okay it and you will see on the form that the filed has been moved!

    Image fileds will only ever be on the left of the form (until Ninox do something about this)



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