Exported Printpages to Imagefield getting overwritten after selecting a different datarecord

i have a table which has some values stored which are getting printed and also saved in a image-field. i have like 10 different Print-templates and every template is used to save it as a PDF in the image-field. the export works fine, so that i have all DPFs in the fields. but when i select a different datarecord from last week for instance, and go back to the previous datarecord, i see that all fields have the same PDF file inside.

This code i am using to get one print exported as PDF in the image-field.

I have one thing suspected: the "Underline Symbol". I am using this underline in the Title of the Printing-Template.

In the images you see the names of the templates and also the page, where i have the buttons to export the pages as PDF in the correct fields.

let myFileName := "STATS" + "_vom_" + Datum + ".pdf";
importFile(this, printAndSaveRecord(this, "DailyGrid_Do1"), myFileName);
DailygridDoNa14 := myFileName
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