Weird issue with DB

Hi all -

I'm still on v3.5.14 of the MacOS app. I'm waiting awhile before updating to 3.6.

Can you duplicate the following issue?

After opening the attached table, click on Invoices.

Then click on a record. You will see a reference field to Students. A dynamic MC field called Activities to Bill and a view element to the table studentsRegistered under Activities.

Now the issue is when I unlink a student the Activities to Bill field does not update. You will see the view element update to empty.

If I turn on Admin mode then the Activities to Bill will update.

Now leaving Admin mode on, pick another student (except Sophie that is another issue). Again the Activities to Bill is not updated. Now turn off Admin mode. Again the Activities to Bill will update.


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    • Fred
    • Fred
    • 9 days ago
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    I think I figure what is going on. The formula field 'Activities to Bill' gets run once. Then if delete some records in another table through a view, the field in the current table doesn't run again so it doesn't update. It updates when I turn Admin mode on/off.

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