ExtractX help!

Hello everyone!

From this RAW text, I need to extract 2 timestamps (in 2 separated formula fields) for the patterns:

  • q101_agendaCita

  • q126_agenda126:

{"slug":"submit\/221023934014341\/","input_language":"Espa\u00f1ol","q125_escribaUna":"{\"widget_metadata\":{\"type\""imagelinks\",\"value\":[{\"name\""Kleta\",\"url\""https:\/\/www.jotform.com\/uploads\/javiercohen\/form_files\/Negra_Base_HQ.6257f07d722259.36259063.png\"}]}}","q101_agendaCita":{"date":"2022-04-21 09:30","duration":"30","timezone":"Europe\/Madrid (GMT+02:00)"},"q126_agenda126":{"date":"2022-04-22 09:00","duration":"","timezone":""},"q136_nombre":"Javier","q137_apellido":"Cohen","q105_email":"javier@solumaker.com","q128_escribaUna128":"ES\r\n+34 656600230","q119_alturametros":"1,80","q108_numeroDe108":"blabla","q109_fechaDe":{"day":"11","month":"01","year":"1900"},"q135_direccion":{"addr_line1":"blabla","addr_line2":"","city":"","state":"","postal":""},"q113_dondeHas":"blabla","q114_porQue":"Dejar mi Kleta afuera por las noches.","q115_vivesEn":"3 a 6 meses","q116_cualCrees""Moto","Transporte p\u00fablico (metro, tren, bus)"],"event_id":"1650366492460_221023934014341_MnJGWFQ","path":"\/submit\/221023934014341"}

I suck for extractx/regex and all these kind of functions haha

Thank you guys!!

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    • Sean
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Hi SoluMaker

    That looks like JSON, but it has some format errors. Did you modify the text in any way? if I cut the section you want to get timestamps from...

    "q101_agendaCita":{"date":"2022-04-21 09:30","duration":"30","timezone":"Europe\/Madrid (GMT+02:00)"},"q126_agenda126":{"date":"2022-04-2209:00","duration":"","timezone":""}

    ...,add curly brackets to both ends and put it in a Formula field named JSON I get this...

        q101_agendaCita: {
            date: "2022-04-21 09:30",
            duration: "30",
            timezone: "Europe\/Madrid (GMT+02:00)"
        q126_agenda126: {
            date: "2022-04-22 09:00",
            duration: "",
            timezone: ""

    I created another Formula field with this formula...


    ...and I get the timestamp. If you get the formatting sorted out, you could probably use...

      • John_Halls
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Sean This is a very interesting reply Sean. If I had some JSON data stored in a dropbox folder, how would I access it in Ninox, ie what would be the syntax for the source?

      • Sean
      • 2 yrs ago
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      John Halls You would use the Ninox http() function to access the Dropbox API. I don’t have a Dropbox account, but I did confirm Dropbox has an API.

      • ninox.1
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Sean Dropbox is tough to access these days. You have to get a "refresh token". It's a bit of a bother. You can read about their new 3rd party access rules on their site.

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