New 3.6 Script Editor

Is there a way of turning off the auto-complete function in the new 3.6 script editor?  If I want 2x " (double-quotes) or a pair of braces () or {} then it assumes I always want a pair.  I don't! I might just be editing or entering a literal text string!  Fine when adding new script, but infuriating when editing an existing script or editing a literal text string. The new editor does not appear to have been tested in the 'real-world'.

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  • In a normal code editor, if text is already attached to the cursor, then only one quote is inserted. For braces, only opening braces that have no text to their right cause the closing brace to be inserted.

    This description is a bit heavy, but just look at the behaviour in this example of CodeMirror : https://codemirror.net/demo/sublime.html

    Inverted commas, square brackets and braces are inserted twice or not depending on the text around the cursor. 

    It seems that the CodeMirror version that Ninox uses is 5.44.0, while the demo version that works better is 5.65.3.

    By the way, in version 5.45.0, the one that is just after the version that Ninox uses, we can see the following correction :

    • Jacques TUR I agree this is the way it should work. By not recognising existing text attached to the cursor the new Ninox version slows down the editing of any existing script and function.

  • This is so annoying.  If I am entering script and type 'Field Name' and then realise I made a mistake and need to change it to text('Field Name') (or number('Field Name'), etc) I don't want the editor to put text()'Field Name' as soon as I type text( .  Please sort this out!

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